Nicole & Petar tied the knot…. and it was amazing!

So Nicole & Petar tied the knot on Saturday…. boy oh boy did they do it in style!

I had the best time creating this concept with Nicole. She was such a gorgeous bride to work with and I loved that she wanted to think outside the box!

Skulls…… Do you have any idea the faces people have pulled when I have mentioned I have a wedding full of skulls. It’s been rather entertaining to say the least!

At the end of the day… Our events are about representing the client and their style. I will do whatever it takes to ensure our concept works for them and if it means making and painting 45 plaster skulls then I will…. (maybe not again anytime soon as my studio is now looking a little creepy)!

There is nothing better than a client putting 100% trust in you to make their dream a reality… I had a blast! <3


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