Nicole & Petar tied the knot…. and it was amazing!

So Nicole & Petar tied the knot on Saturday…. boy oh boy did they do it in style!

I had the best time creating this concept with Nicole. She was such a gorgeous bride to work with and I loved that she wanted to think outside the box!

Skulls…… Do you have any idea the faces people have pulled when I have mentioned I have a wedding full of skulls. It’s been rather entertaining to say the least!

At the end of the day… Our events are about representing the client and their style. I will do whatever it takes to ensure our concept works for them and if it means making and painting 45 plaster skulls then I will…. (maybe not again anytime soon as my studio is now looking a little creepy)!

There is nothing better than a client putting 100% trust in you to make their dream a reality… I had a blast! <3


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Oh it’s finally here…. Our beautiful new website!

This has been in the pipe line for a very long time, and thanks to Robertson Web Design… It’s here!!!!!

What a busy season so far. Some amazing weddings, beautiful clients and amazing suppliers. We’ve had some real “pinch me” moments and some where adrenalin has been the only thing that’s kept us going. I’ve been reminded daily why I love what I do & why my team and suppliers are sensational.

I’m looking forward to starting my blogging journey here. I will share my thoughts on latest crazes, styles, trends along with blogging some of our favs from the season.

This coming year we will be shifting our focus to planning and styling breathtaking events for sensational clients. We want to work with couples who want to blow their guests minds…that trust us completely to evolve and deliver an event that will be all that people talk about for months after. We have an amazing team, which will grow over the coming year and suppliers that have the skills and work ethic will make your jaw hit the floor.

Bring. It. On

K xx


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